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Each week we curate the freshest, most unique stems that our wholesalers have to offer. We pick seasonal stems based on color, variety, quality and all-around cool factor. We source locally as often as possible. For obvious reasons, we love supporting and working with our local farms. The farmers plant and care for their flowers with so much love that when it comes time to pick them, they provide us with the lushest, largest, most unique flowers that make us say wow! Combine these flowers with our hand-picked mix of foliages (which is what we are known most for!) in a variety of colors and textures and we’ll create a fresh flower arrangement that we guarantee will be loved.

FINE PRINT: Our arrangements below are examples of the beauty we create. Use these pictures as a general idea of size and style when ordering. Our designers will create something similar in size, but handpick our current favorite fresh, seasonal flowers and foliages to design a custom arrangement for your recipient. Here is a current selection of some of our favorites you may see within your arrangements.

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Elemental 8 oz Candle

8.5 oz candle in tin. all natural soy candle.

Elemental Hand Soap

16.5 fl oz. hand soap. fragrance made with pure essential oils.

Elemental Multi-Surface Cleaner

16.5 fl oz multi-surface cleaner. fragrance made with pure essential oils.

Elemental Room Spray

8 fl oz room spray. fragrance made with pure essential oils.

New Classic Wreath

a monotone white wreath. modern yet classic.

Snake it, til you make it!

snake plant (super easy care plant) in a black hexagon container. (5.5″ x 5.5″)

Succa For You

2 miscellaneous succulents paired up in tin containers. the cutest duo.